Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hello fellow hookers! I'm looking to put all kinds of hooking info and photos here, so even though we can't all get together every month, we can still keep up with each other.

In addition to relating what's going on in our Guild, I want to have links of other fun and helpful blogs.

Please do let me know of any mistakes, or any info or suggestions!

Here's the first in – hopefully – a fairly regularly-updated blog!

Lucille Festa's workshop, November 2012

Several WHAHAFA members attended a 3-day workshop with Lucille Festa November 8-10 in Sharpsburg. It was a little bit rowdy, and a lot of fun! Lucille is a delightful and knowledgeable teacher, always on the move, working her way around the room, student to student. She's also very diplomatic, and quick to point out nobody made any mistakes... there were a few challenges, but no mistakes!

Here are some pix of rugs done at the workshop (thanks to Patty Sharrer for the pix!)

Barb and her majestic eagle. I love her flag, too!

Here's Tracie and her charming house. The fence curves on both sides of the house; it's adorable!

Joan and her turkey... sorry I couldn't get more of a
close-up, those tail-feathers are adorable!

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