Saturday, June 15, 2013

"Thank You" to President Beth, for being such a great President!

All the members chipped in and donated posies of wool in a charming basket... (and yes! there was a lot of purple!)

To all my guild hooking friends,

   I can't thank you enough for my bouquet basket of wool.  I was totally shocked and had a hard time holding back tears....your generosity was overwhelming.   The wool is all so beautiful and there are so many pieces that I have never seen and certainly don't have.

   I wish I could thank each of you personally, but hope this note shows my appreciation.

   You are all a wonderful group to be associated with, and it was a pleasure to be your President the last 2 1/2 years.

   I hope everyone has a super great summer and I will see you all in August.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.


Jill Kupeski's "Creative Stitches" show and tell

It's amazing to see what one has to go through to get McGown certified!

Jill did a truly fabulous job with her final project –She had to show ways to use some Creative Stitches. And the final product was divine!

Of course, Jill had to take it one step further... she decided to make a sampler, showing off each stitch  on its' own.

The Sampler:
I'm sorry I didn't get all the names, but here's the ones I did get:
2-French Knots
4-Beading, (which she also used to divide the squares and to make the outside border),
6-Chevron (aka Mock Herringbone)
8-Has a Japanese Button 

And the final piece. Sorry it didn't come out very sharp, but trust me - it's exqisite! Every one of the creative stitches in the sampler above is also in the final piece.

Jill also put together a binder of the sketches she used and how she hooked the final piece, step-by-step.

Amazing works of art!

Friday, June 14, 2013

"Apples For Lunch" – Doris's creative stitches class results

Hi all... sorry I've been gone so long. The time just flies by!

Here are all the rugs that were brought to our last meeting... finally! I don't have names to go with each one, but I do know three of them are Doris's. It just amazes me how everyone had the same pattern, the wool dyed by Doris, and yet how very different they all came out!

If you can identify any of the rugs I didn't, please let me know!!

One of Doris's 3 rugs

Cathy Gallahan's pretty pillow!

Another one of Doris's 3 rugs