Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jill Kupeski's "Creative Stitches" show and tell

It's amazing to see what one has to go through to get McGown certified!

Jill did a truly fabulous job with her final project –She had to show ways to use some Creative Stitches. And the final product was divine!

Of course, Jill had to take it one step further... she decided to make a sampler, showing off each stitch  on its' own.

The Sampler:
I'm sorry I didn't get all the names, but here's the ones I did get:
2-French Knots
4-Beading, (which she also used to divide the squares and to make the outside border),
6-Chevron (aka Mock Herringbone)
8-Has a Japanese Button 

And the final piece. Sorry it didn't come out very sharp, but trust me - it's exqisite! Every one of the creative stitches in the sampler above is also in the final piece.

Jill also put together a binder of the sketches she used and how she hooked the final piece, step-by-step.

Amazing works of art!

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