Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Show and Tell

It's always wonderful to see what everyone's working on! The more I see, the more energized I feel!

I'm sorry some of the pics are blurry, but here's what we're working on in July:

So cute!

Love the water and the sky!


Finally getting back to Caroline's pattern... this is really
fun to work on!

Grandbaby rug!

I love the flower petals and the leaves.
Sorry it doesn't show up better here.

Makin' me hongry!

Great looking purses! The one under Becky's arm
will be finished at ATHA.

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see the other birds come to life!

Another grandbaby rug. Fabulous work!

I think this is her first finished piece! 

Becky's hat... she hooked right into the hat! Looks gorgeous!

Looking very good, Ron!!

I love this sheep. Don't ewe?

Gorgeous! I really love the green behind the flowers and basket, and the very dark blue border. Great colors!

Doesn't that black background make the flowers POP?!?!

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