Friday, February 1, 2013

Info on the "Hooked in the Mountains" show

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It looks like the Shelburne (VT) Show will be held every other year. Next year there will be no show. The Shelburne museum is headed by new administration. The museum is building a new education center and it is not clear how the round barn will be used in the future.

The 2014 show may not even be held at the museum. The guild has put together a committee to look at options.

I'd hate to think that the Shelburne "Hooked in the Mountains" show and workshops will never be the same...

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  1. I was so disappointed to hear about the changes at the Shelburne Museum for future shows. I was there for the Hooked in the Mountains event last year and it was amazing! I am fine with having the actual classes in the new educational building. But I will be heart sick if they can't use the Red Barn! It just won't be the same.