Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Rigby Cutter Supplies Available

From Susan Elcox of New World Rug Hooking:

Rigby cutter supplies have been in short supply over the last couple of years. I have received phone calls from many a person searching for that supplier who may have their preferred cutter head and finger.

Good news is here!  I have received a full supply of all my back ordered cutter supplies and now have what you may be searching for!

Rigby Model D Cutters are available. They contain 2 cutterheads. The cutterhead you use can be changed by simply moving the guide and the presser foot over to the appropriate head. This is valuable for rug hookers that often use multiple cut sizes on their projects.

Cutterheads for replacement or add-on are also available along with their accompanying fingers. Each cutterhead size must have a matching finger installed on the machine.  Fingers keep your wool from wrapping around the cutterhead and becoming caught under the plate. The cutterheads are interchangeable with the Rigby Model H cutter which is the single-head version.

PayPal is accepted. If you wish to pay by credit card, PayPal will accept credit cards.

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Susan's work has been seen in Rug Hooking Magazine's Celebration series three times, the most notable being Celebration XI, where she was the cover artist.  She has exhibited her work in various venues and received many awards for her work.

Susan hooks rugs for pleasure and for commission.

Stay tuned for upcoming online classes in 2013.


  1. I need a cutter head #8 for Rigby cutter . Do you have or know where I could get one?

  2. I need a cutter head #8 for Rigby cutter . Do you have or know where I could get one?