Monday, April 8, 2013

Our Rug drawing and Ramona Cann's Show and Tell, April 6, 2013

Here's Doris, picking the winning ticket...

And Doris reading the winner's name... Lucky Tracie Grim!!!

Then it was "Show and Tell" time...

It was so wonderful to see Ramona again, and to get a good look at some of her rugs!

Ramona and her Quilters (Church of the Brethren.
Ramona's Mom and Ramona are the two in the lower left corner. The background of the quilt is "Ecru"

Close up of Quilters, the Amish version

Ramona Cann and her cows. The sky formula may be M16 in her new book.

Close up of Quilters, the Amish version

Ramona and "Eat More Crow" - she did no dyeing at all on this rug! The berries and binding are the same wool, which Ramona used on a bias for binding. 

Ramona was kept steadily busy, sighing her books!

Close up of Eat More Crow

Close up of Quilters, The Church of the Brethren

Close up of Cows 

Close up of the binding on Eat More Crows

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