Monday, April 29, 2013

Doris Aymar's "Onion Skin Dyeing" workshop

Several guild members attended Doris's recent "Onion Skin" workshop, and we had a mighty fine time! I never realized just how many ways onion skins can be used, or how many different effects you can get from them!
  • Casserole Dyeing
  • Stocking Dyeing
  • Open Kettle Dyeing
  • Jar Dyeing

Doris showed us all of these, and explained what different mordants were used, and what effect these mordants alone had on the wool.

And - we all got samples to take home and play with!

Doris has a tremendous wealth of knowledge, and some amazing stories! It was a great way to spend a Saturday! 

I have to apologize for my camera work. These colors are absolutely stunning up close, but don't show up as well as I'd have liked:

This piece was casserole dyed with different pieces and colors of wool + a bleeder, and onion skins, in layers. This photo does NOT do this beautiful piece justice!

These two pieces are called "Paisley Substitute" and are amazing!

More pieces of various colors overdyed by the onion skin casserole method. I think the piece on the right is absolutely luscious!

Onion skin dyeing using alum as the mordant.

The same pieces, showing the bottoms.

Stocking dyeing method; a very rich combination -- would make a super background!

"Petals and Leaves" a Pearl McGown pattern, ALL the wool in this rug is onion skin dyed!

Doris uses paisley sparingly, but to great effect... here, in the veins of some of the leaves...

...and, here, in a couple of rows inside the outer border.

One of my favorite of Doris's rugs, "To Market" (probably not the actual title). This is a real charmer!

Look at those cute little piggy faces! And the great combination of colors in the road they're trotting on.

One of my favorite close-ups, mostly for the great variety of greens in the grass... but also for the look on The Mister's face!!

Love the chickens!

And have you ever seen a prouder cow?

A close up of the sky

More of the sky

Great rooster tail... I love the way it just trails off at the bottom.

This is the wool Doris used for her sky. Delicious!!

That's all I've got for now! We just had so much fun, and learned so much in this class... I couldn't wait to share!

Have a great week! Those who are going to the Sheep and Wool Festival - have a wonderful time! I hope to see the rest of you Saturday!


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  1. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing this. Awesome and perfect for the kids! I love the way you did this art out of onion. We also did an onion activity out of the same mateials you used. You should check this out! Grow Onions in 10 Days: Great Growing Project for Young Kids