Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Using PayPal for the ATHA Pattern Book

Info from ATHA via Facebook, 12/5/2012

Many of you have asked about paying for the Pattern Book via PayPal. Here are the instructions!

Log into their PayPal account and choose “send money”. When prompted, they enter (our PayPal ID) and the correct total. If they are in CA, the patterns are $46.45 ($38 plus $2.95 CA sales tax, plus $5.50 shipping & handling). Outside of CA, it is a total of $43.50 ($38 plus $5.50 for shipping & handling).

If anyone wants to order a number of them and have them shipped to one address, they should email for a quote on how much shipping would be. This will definitely save on shipping amount. PayPal will give us the mailing address on their PayPal account and we will know what they are ordering by the amount of money they send.

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