Sunday, December 2, 2012

Searsport Rug Hooking December sale

In an email I received today, Searsport says: "Thank you for 8 years of support and helping us continue to grow! For any orders in the month of Dec we will include a little thank you!"

Any orders over $30.00 will receive a 7 inch, $4.99 sheep snippet dish free :) 

Any orders over $100.00 will get the dish and also receive a free scallywag! 

These are over dyed long strips of wool, The size before spot dying is 8x36. You can see some Scallywags hanging on the front of their booth, below.

Their Wool of the Month is $21.00/yard, with free shipping!

1.Old ticking
2. Fall stripe
3. Old blanket stripe
4. Fall fields

Also on sale is 5 Yards of 64" Linen for $129.95 ($20.00 savings). 

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